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Dear Friends,


Have you read “Holy Habits’ by Methodist minister Andrew Roberts? It was published in 2016 and for some weeks was top of the bestsellers on Amazon in the Religion and Spirituality section. It’s written in an easy-going, accessible style, is full of  inspirational stories that make you think.


Holy Habits looks at the  description of the church’s beginnings as described in Acts 2:42-49. Those verses spell out how the first Christian behaved, the things they got up to, and how they cared for one another. Each ‘habit’ is explored –biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship, making more disciples. These are the bedrock of the church---the ‘habits’ that make the church distinctive. When we pay attention to these habits as a church, I am convinced that God blesses us.


Following on from its success, Andrew Roberts, with others, has produced a set of resources  for preachers, leaders of bible study groups and those who lead Messy Church, so that these 10 holy habits can be explored in  a range of contexts--- from the pulpit, over  coffee, in children’s work, and a group discussion.


If God blesses us when we pay attention to these ‘holy habits’, then it makes sense for us as a circuit to use these resources, doesn’t it? And so, starting in June 2018, the Telford Circuit will be journeying together through these resources, looking at each ‘holy habit’ over the space of a month. I am delighted that many of our local preachers have agreed to take part in this, as well as our ordained ministers. So in our Sunday worship, you will notice that there is a common theme to the preaching each month, and if you attend a bible study group, the same theme will be explored there too.  Our aim is that the ‘habit’ you explore in worship and in your bible study group will become a habit for you too in your daily life.

We all have good habits---and bad ones. If you have ever tried to give up smoking, or stop biting your fingernails, or change your eating habits, you will know just how difficult it is to stop that instinctive behaviour and replace it with better habits!  The Holy Habits course is designed to help us learn and make instinctive that behaviour we know we want in our lives as Christians, but somehow it never quite happens. 


Christian discipleship is a journey. When we follow Jesus’ call to “follow me” we set off on a journey of discovery and  begin to build our relationship with God in Jesus , and with other Christians.   The journey is a slow one when we only take a few steps on a Sunday. It is a better, a richer  experience when we journey each day with Jesus. So, if you are not in a bible study group, why not join one as we begin this new series?  Meet with your friends and talk together, share stories and pray together.  Let the Holy Habits as described in Acts 2  become your habits too, so that we might become the church that God calls us to be, and so that we might become the people that God wants us to be.

Every blessing