Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,


In the month of July we will be focusing on  another Holy Habit, that of Fellowship ---something that Cartway is so good at!   Perhaps like me you have visited a church one Sunday when on holiday and got the distinct impression that you are an intruder!   I think on one occasion the only person who spoke to me was the one who told me I was sitting in her seat……… Oh dear!


The Greek word for fellowship is koinonia—a word that is very rich in meaning. Our translation doesn’t quite do it justice.  If you get out your Bible and read Acts 2: 42-47, on which Holy Habits is based, you have it there in a nutshell---a community worshipping together, sharing together, praying together, and encouraging one another.  That is so much more than fellowship, isn’t it?  As I chat to you about your experiences of Cartway, and what you really value, well---it’s the koinonia you find there.


On Sunday 8th July, when I next lead worship at Cartway, I shall be exploring this theme using a famous icon by Rublev called The Hospitalitiy of Abraham which many people see as an image of the Holy Trinity. It is a perfect example of fellowship. (You might like to look it up on the internet before the service.)  We will be welcoming little Sam Bevon, son of Michelle and Andrew and grandson of Lynn  for his baptism that morning so that  will be a happy morning of fellowship.


The constant challenge we have is to take that koinonia, that sense of fellowship, which we cherish at Cartway and share it with those we know beyond the walls of the church. Jesus told us not to bury our talents but use them so that they grow and multiply.  Given the amount of loneliness and isolation in our society today,  there is a desperate need for contact with friendly people, so perhaps you could bring a friend along to  a coffee morning, or a quiz afternoon, or to  a service where they will experience first-hand that koinonia, that fellowship, that is the hallmark of Cartway.


Every blessing