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Sunday 14th July 201910:45Morning Worship
Led by Rev. David Lavender - this service to include Holy Communion
Monday 15th July 201910:30Orchard House Bible Study House Group
Tuesday 16th July 201909:30Cartwheels Family Group
Wednesday 17th July 201909:30Cartwheels Family Group
Thursday 18th July 201909:30Cartwheels Family Group
Friday 19th July 201909:30Prayer Meeting
Saturday 20th July 201910:00Coffee Morning
Sunday 21st July 201910:45Morning Worship
Led by Rev. Kate Cook - Café Chuurch
Tuesday 23rd July 201909:00Church Clean
Wednesday 24th July 201900:00Stepping Stones outing
02:00Service at Talbot /court
12:00Mid-week Holy Communion
Friday 26th July 201909:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 28th July 201910:45Morning Worship
Led by Mr Doug Hughes
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