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Christmas Message.


Dear Friends,


We shall soon be celebrating Christmas and the glorious news of the birth of Jesus, God made human and coming to live among us. In previous years we would by now be enjoying services remembering the anticipation of God’s promise of a Saviour bringing hope to a broken world.  We would be singing hymns celebrating the role of prophets, the Baptist, Bible, Mary and God’s people as God comes to the world in Jesus. We would be arranging special gatherings to welcome larger numbers to our churches to share in our celebrations.


Instead, many of our churches are unable to open or are severely restricted in the way they can offer services. All our meeting with others is limited to a few in number; minimum spacing, restricted travel and expected use of face coverings. I will not be alone in thinking that this year Christmas isn’t going to be the Christmas I like to enjoy – and definitely not the one I value for the opportunity to be with and among my Christian brothers and sister as we raise the roof with ‘O Come, all ye faithful’.


There is no doubt that we live in troubled times, with the effects of  the Covid plague causing distress and uncertainty to so many in our nation, and with continuing fears about the future with on-going conflicts around the world; the need to effectively help the poor, homeless, unemployed and marginalised and with unresolved issues between the nations, it does seem that while there is much to be grateful for, ours is still a dark and suffering world.


There is one thing, however, that Christmas will still be – and that is the time to remember how God revealed His love for all humankind, and gave His Son through whom Love would be shown as the way to Peace and Salvation for all on earth. As dark as things may seem, the Light of Jesus shines ever brighter and speaks of hope for a broken and suffering humanity.  However much we may miss the traditions of Christmas, let us rejoice that God is still sharing in His world and seeking to reconcile all things through the love of Christ.


Wherever and however you spend Christmas this year, I wish you all a safe, peaceful and happycelebration.  While we experience so many restrictions, may our hearts be full of the joy of the new born Child, and rejoice that as always we can celebrate the eternal story in the words of Charles Wesley…”Our God contracted to a span, incomprehensibly made man”.


May God bless us all with His Peace, Love and Joy as we welcome Jesus into the world.


Yours in Christ,