Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,


No doubt you have experienced the enjoyment of a surprise telephone call or a letter from a relative or friend, the purpose being to say hello; ask how you are or send you their love or good wishes.  Recently I spoke with someone who said that during a difficult period, the telephone calls and messages she had received (in her words) “reminded me that God makes sure we know we’re loved”.


As we start a new year, there has been a lot of looking back at 2020 and all the problems the world has faced and recognising how wonderful it has been to see people and communities rallying round to support each other.  That has been mostly the case, though we should not ignore those times when some have been less supportive or have used other people’s tragedy for their personal advantage or profit.  Even in what can appear good times, there is still the capacity in humans to be less than righteous.


So, my New Year hope is that in the past year we have learnt from the example of people or groups finding ways to support, encourage and care for each other. I do hope that while there are those who ask the question ‘Where is God in all these crises?’, we have recognised the activity of God at work in the spirit of compassion that opens hotels to provide safety for the homeless; in the spirit of generosity that fills boxes with gifts of food or children’s presents for the less fortunate; in the spirit of sacrifice that walks (or runs or cycles) to help finance statutory or voluntary care of others; in the spirit of kindness that collects a neighbour’s prescription or delivers a home-made cake… or simply wears the mask and surrenders the space for someone else’s benefit. 


Furthermore, as a Christian I hope that we have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears the wonderful things of God (of Love) that people have done. I hope that we have taken on board the lessons and accept the challenge to reflect God’s activity in our own activity as our concern reflects God’s compassion; our kindness reflects God’s support; our generosity reflects God’s sacrifice and that of his gift of Jesus for the life and salvation of all humankind. In what we offer with our hands, our heart and our mind we make alive and present the God who through his people is active in his world.  May this be for all of us a year when our willingness to express God’s activity leads to our neighbours becoming more aware of God in the life of our own communities and among those we seek to draw into the experience and knowledge of His love.


Have a Peaceful, Safe and Blessed 2021.