Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,

Easter has come and gone in ways that none of us could have imagined. No church services; no gathering with other Christians; for many no
physical contact between families and friends. Yet remarkably, the Good News that Jesus has risen and lives was shared through cards; phone calls; and a variety of internet-streamed services or skype contacts for those able to access them. Thank you to all those who found ways to help us celebrate Easter and stay in touch. Together we rejoice, He is Risen

At the same time, the challenge is to continue finding ways to care for
and remember each other. During this coronavirus crisis, we have all
discovered how easy it is to feel separated from friends and family, and for some loneliness and isolation is a major problem. We thank God for
those who are helping support us in these difficult days, as well as the
countless numbers of people in the health and care organisations.

We can also thank God for examples of generosity and commitment in
support of others, such as Captain Tom who raised over £27million for
the NHS as one extreme example, but there have been countless stories of kindness towards neighbours; care for the most needy and compassion for
the weakest . Out of the Covid19 crisis, the potential for love in the
hearts of human beings has been gloriously revealed and people have
rightly experienced and celebrated it. At the same time their is a
challenge and a lesson resulting from our current situation.

Covid19 will be overcome one day. We will be able to move around more freely and meet with each other again. When we can, we must not stop caring and loving - indeed we must continue to seek ways of offering friendship, kindness and compassion at a time when people have come to see the value of such things. May God inspire us to learn new and different ways to make the love of Jesus real and alive in our
community, so that minds that have discovered the value in showing love
to others find the greater joy and love that comes through a life made
fuller in Christ.

May the Love of God and the Spirit's Peace be with us all.