Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,


I’ve been catching up with some reading over the past few days,  and one publication I turned to was the summer edition of the “Connexion’ magazine. (Yes, I am that behind with my reading!!)

In this edition we meet Barbara and Clive, the President and Vice-President  of the Methodist Conference, and they write about how they are looking forward to hearing our stories as they travel around the Connexion during their year of office, and they ask us to “tell it like it is”!

Our uncertain and disturbing political environment at the moment is littered with ‘fake news’ coming from various people and parties, and spread through the media. So there’s something quite inviting and wholesome about the idea of “telling it like it is”.

We hear a great many stories, and when I talk with people I am interested in hearing their story—about how God is at work in their lives  and the lives of our communities.  Each of our own individual stories is, of course, part of a much bigger story—the story of God’s love for the world, and the story of the ways in which God comes to us, and “abides” with us.

Sometimes the stories I hear are stories of decline and weakness, of how things are not like they used to be.  We can easily talk ourselves into decline, that everything has been tried and has failed, and there is no point in doing anything.

But sometimes I hear stories of people taking risks for God, stepping out in faith. Although sometimes such risks don’t work out as people anticipated, nevertheless lessons are learned, and faith can grow through the adventure.

It is important to remember that we are each part of the story of God. Our lives are held in God’s grace and care, and God is at work in us,  in our struggles and joys, our triumphs and failures.  As we reflect on our own stories, we can often see God at work in our lives,  nurturing and sustaining us.

So, in this uncertain and troubling world, we have a story to tell! A story of grace, and hope, and truth, and forgiveness.   We are invited to tell the story of Jesus, the Good News,  so that everyone we meet might come to know the goodness of God in Christ.

So---let’s tell our story!