Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,

Remembering is an important part of our lives. Our memories are special treasures and as we get older they become more precious, though sometimes we get confused over the details!That’s when photographs and memory boxes become so useful—though a song or a smell or a taste can trigger powerful memories too.

This year has great significance because it mark 100 years since the Armistice which brought the First World War to an end.The war that was supposed to end by Christmas 1914 dragged on and on, affecting every community in the UK.Wikipedia tells me the appalling statistic that a total of 40 million lives were lost as a result of this war—from injury or disease.

Every family has a story to tell of the First World War. My paternal grandfather was called up and cared for the massive horses that pulled the cannon in France and Belgium. My husband’s grandfather, who joined the Army well before the conflict, was captured in 1914 and was held as a prisoner of war in Germany for the duration.

Some communities who sent boys and men off to fight in the trenches miraculously saw them all return. Such communities became known as “thankful villages”. Harley is one of these.

“The War to End all Wars” proved to be anything but, because less than twenty years later the world saw saw mass conflict once again.The war poet Wilfred Owen is a favourite of mine and his opening line of the poem “Anthem For Doomed Youth” sums up the appalling slaughter of the trenches “What passing bell for these who die as cattle”.

Remembering is important, as is learning from the lessons of the past.There are many verses about remembering in the Bible. For example, every time we share bred and wine together , we hear the words “Do this, in remembrance of me” . Through the prophet Isaiah, God said “Remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. “

As we remember, we understand who we are, and who we belong to.


On Wednesday November 21^st at 2.30pm we shall be taking a service at Innage Grange and we will be thinking about remembrance. Do come and join us. The residents really enjoy having people to sit with them as we sing together and share together.