Monthly newsletter


Dear Friends,

It was an emotional moment when someone I had known for many years said that he had had Covid but was now recovering and feeling much better. Describing how dreadfully unwell he had been, he said that on the day he stepped out of the house for the first time and heard the birds singing, “It felt like starting life all over again”.

I have no doubt that there are many people who having recovered from this dreadful disease, can express similar feelings to that. This pandemic has caused sadness and tragedy to countless numbers of people and families, and it seems like we have been living through very dark days. We can understand why for many who have been ill and recovered, it feels as if they have a new life.

Just over a week ago the nation remembered with sadness all those who did not recover as well as the families bereaved. To God, every single life was precious, as are all those who have suffered loss.  We rightly remembered them, and again gave thanks for those who in different ways fought to help and save them.

As we reflect on the way many have made sacrifices to savelives from the disease that seeks to destroy, we come to Easter and remember how a very special sacrifice won the gift of new life for everyone. Having come to the world to reveal God’s amazing love and to show us what life ought to be, Jesus gave himself to be sacrificed only to prove – by Rising again - the power of love over evil and death.  Furthermore, because he lives again, that same love can raise us to forgiveness and new life forever with God.  Just as we have seen great sacrifice in those who have cared for us through Covid, so the unique sacrifice of Jesus offers eternal life to all even from the darkest of lives.


So, let us continue to give thanks for those who have shown so much care for us, but let us raise our voices in thanks and praise for the love that God has won for us at Easter. Jesus, born in the darkness is raised Lord and Saviour of the world.  Let us give him the love and worship of our hearts; let us commit our lives to being channels of his love to others; maywe be willing to make our sacrifice in order to lead others into the presence and the Kingdom of God.

Thine be the glory, risen conquering Son,

Endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won.

May God’s peace and joy surround you this Easter and always.


Yours in Christ Jesus,  Derrick